Selected publications

Gervais L, Van Den Beek M, Josserand M, Sallé J, Stefanutti M, Perdigoto CN, Skorski P, Mazouni K, Marshall OJ, Brand AH, Schweisguth F and Bardin AJ. (2019) Stem cell proliferation is kept in check by the chromatin regulators Kismet/CHD7 and Trr/MLL3/4. Dev Cell. 49: 556–573. [link]

Delandre C and Marshall OJ.  (2019) United colours of chromatin? Developmental genome organisation in flies. Biochem Soc Trans. DOI: 10.1042/BST20180605. [link]

Doupé DP, Marshall OJ, Dayton H, Brand AH and Perrimon N. (2018) Drosophila intestinal stem and progenitor cells are major sources and regulators of homeostatic niche signals. PNAS. 115(48): 12218-12223. [link]

Marshall OJ and Brand AH. (2017) Chromatin state changes during neural development revealed by in vivo cell-type specific profiling.  Nature Communications8: 2271. [link]

Marshall OJ*, Southall TD*, Cheetham SW, Brand AH. (2016) Cell-type specific profiling of protein-DNA interactions with TaDa. Nature Protocols. 11:1586–98 [link]

Marshall OJ and Brand AH. (2015) damidseq_pipeline: an automated pipeline for processing DamID sequencing datasets. Bioinformatics. 31:3371-3 [link]

Garsed DW*, Marshall OJ*, Corbin VD*, Hsu A*, Di Stefano L, Schröder J, Li J, Feng ZP, Kim BW, Kowarsky M, Lansdell B, Brookwell R, Myklebost O, Meza-Zepeda L, Holloway AJ, Pedeutour F, Choo KH, Damore MA, Deans AJ, Papenfuss AT, Thomas DM. (2014) The architecture and evolution of cancer neochromosomes. Cancer Cell. 26:653-67 [link]

Southall TD, Gold KS, Egger B, Davidson CM, Caygill EE, Marshall OJ, Brand AH. (2013) Cell-type-specific profiling of gene expression and chromatin binding without cell isolation: assaying RNA Pol II occupancy in neural stem cells. Dev Cell. 26:101-12

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