Owen Marshall
Group leader

Owen obtained his PhD in Prof. Andy Choo’s group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, working on the structure of centromeric chromatin. He stayed in Andy Choo’s group to complete a first postdoc investigating the formation of new centromeric chromatin in cancer cells. Owen then moved to the UK in 2012 to undertake a second postdoc in Prof. Andrea Brand’s group at the University of Cambridge, where he studied the epigenetic changes that drive the process of neural development. He returned to Australia in 2016 to establish his own research group at the Menzies, investigating the epigenetic changes in the adult brain that occur during learning, ageing and neurodegeneration.

Caroline Delandre

Caroline received her PhD from Kansas State University, USA, studying the role of post-translational modifications of a family of scaffolding transmembrane proteins called tetraspanins. Caroline switched to Drosophila neurobiology for her first postdoc at RIKEN, Japan, where she investigated the gene network regulating class specification in sensory neurons.  Caroline is now undertaking a second postdoc in Owen’s group, investigating Alzheimer’s disease and the epigenetic processes underlying memory formation in the fly brain.

John McMullen
Research assistant

John completed his Honours degree (first class) in the Marshall lab, working on the regulation of the transcription factor Worniu in neural stem cells. John took a break to work in the ski fields for a season, before deciding that crossing flies was even more exciting than snow boarding (it’s a close call, but yes, we agree). We’re very happy to have him back with us : )

Ciarán O’Mara
PhD student

Ciarán is a PhD student interested in using mathematical models to describe biological systems. Ciarán’s first degree was a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Computer Systems. In the years before joining the Marshall lab, he has worked as a professional programmer/software developer within the Faculty of Health at the University of Tasmania.

Sarah van Drunen
Honours student

Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at UTAS in 2018, then decided that for Honours she’d try to psychoanalyse flies instead of people, joining the Marshall Lab to characterise a fly model of Alzheimer’s disease and tauopathy. She completed Honours in October (first class, with an insanely-high mark of 94 — go Sarah!) and has stayed on with us as a casual RA. Psych is her real love, however, and she’ll be heading back to the dark side very shortly to pursue a Masters degree in neuropsychology.



Grace Jefferies (now an RA in the Johnson lab, Monash Uni)
Elias Polymeropoulos
John Reeves